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High Resilience Stainless Steel Heat Sealing Bands

Quality, longevity and reliability: worldwide, our stainless steel heat sealing machine bands are favoured by the packaging industry. With a superior specification, an ultra-strong weld that’s barely visible, and full tailoring to suit your specific heat sealing method, these food approved heat sealer bands make the preferential choice for the quality sealing of tubes, bags, boxes and trays.

The highest standards of manufacturing are guaranteed with heat sealing stainless steel bands from Global Enterprises. The bands feature a unique angle butt weld that offers exceptional strength whilst maintaining a consistent thickness throughout. The weld can be tailored as standard or long to suit your operation.

Heat Sealing Bands

Choice & Usage

Our continuous heat sealing bands are suitable for use with all types and brands of rotary heat sealing machines used in the packaging of food, drinks, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and detergents as well as in the manufacture of tubes and other sealed packaging. They are also used on band saw machines as continuous blades for cutting materials such as foam.

A selection of thicknesses is offered and any length or width can be requested to suit specific requirements. You can choose from non-coated stainless steel heat sealing bands or, for enhanced ease of release, opt for the food approved PTFE Teflon® coated option.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Heating Sealing Bands?

Stainless steel has excellent thermal transfer properties which results in faster sealing rates. It’s anti-static, hard wearing and corrosion resistant, so there is a minimal risk of contamination and it’s hygienic and easy to clean too. Stainless steel heat sealing machine bands offer the ultimate in reliability and consistency.

Heat Sealing Bands Specification & Options

Angle Butt Welds
0.076mm (0.003”)
0.127mm (0.005”)
0.177mm (0.007”)
To suit To suit Uncoated
PTFE Teflon®
Other options on request

Need assistance? As established experts in the heat sealing bands sector with five decades of experience, we can help you make the right choice and we will tailor bands to suit your particular operation.

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Tailored Sourcing

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